Choosing our specialist manufacturing site based on our partner’s requirements and our expertise

In order to safeguard top-quality, we approach our manufacturing in the broadest way possible. Dependent on what materials and garments we are aiming to develop, we choose our manufacturing site.

Our development and manufacturing base is in Zhejiang province. However, as every region has its own expertise, we have developed our sites in other provinces as well. Currently, four of our main factories are based in the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, and Hubei.

In addition to our Chinese sites, we also manufacture and source new partner-factories internationally according to the region’s specialism and the factory’s expertise.

Like to learn more about our sites?

Like to learn more about our approach?

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njaot1 njaot2 njaot3 njaot4 njaot5
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