Continuously auditing and stressing top-quality for both product as well as for human and environment

For years we have been relying on our in-house Quality Control (QC) team, safeguarding top-quality of the final product. Our highly experienced QC team makes sure the product meets all quality and fitting requirements.

Besides quality in product we also strive for quality in the aspects of human and environment. At Dinghui we stress the importance of a good working environment for both our own as well as our suppliers’ employees.

Most of our factories are WRAP-certified. The majority of our partners are involved in one or several ways of stressing the need of a greener and more ethical business. This involvement is expressed via BSCI-partnerships, ISO-certifications, Made-By-memberships as well as imposing and firmly following REACH-guidelines or even stricter custom CoC’s.

Like to learn more about our approach?

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