Founded in Hangzhou, China in 2003, we are experts in design, development, and manufacturing of ready-to-wear garments, having a specialism in Denim and Outerwear. We are not just an order taker. Depending on our client’s preference, we are able to provide a total-package approach. From global trend spotting, in-house design and R&D to international sourcing, sample development, actual manufacturing, and quality control.

Some of our most renowned clients are: Cast Iron, Chasin’, IKKS, Maje, Only, PME Legend, and Vero Moda. In addition to our European partners, we also have a fair bit of domestic clients.

We consider our clients as our partners, since we have the strong belief that trust and close cooperation are fundamental to successful and sustainable business.

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What we stand for at Dinghui can best be expressed through our values

Every innovative idea for design, development or business starts with creativity. At Dinghui we give creativity the space it needs. Our experience has shown that encouraging business this way fosters the realization of innovative ideas.

In fashion the quality of a product is acknowledged at its final stage. At Dinghui we make sure that this quality is assured by pursuing no less than perfection at every stage of our value chain: from trend spotting, design, and sourcing to the actual development and production.

We found that showing one’s humility enhances the ease of communication, resulting in better understanding. This result fosters the creation of a sustainable partnership, which we value very much at Dinghui. We like to share our humility and involve ourselves with our partners, creating strong and long-lasting relationships.

To us, reliability means to actually do what you stand for. At Dinghui we stand for creativity, quality, and humility.


We are well aware that garment manufacturing involves the use of chemicals, causing harm to the environment, the consumer, and everyone within our value chain. We closely cooperate with our partners and third party testing organizations to make sure that our products are safe to wear and handle.

Additionally, we strive to minimize our footprint by complying with the REACH standards, our partners’ CoC’s, and by being collaborative towards our partners’ initiatives, such as Made-By’s MODE Tracker. As for our social responsibility, most of our factories are WRAP-certified. Additionally, the majority of our partners are involved in one or multiple ways to stress the importance of a more ethical business, either by setting their own CoC’s or by partnering with industry organizations, such as BSCI.


Dinghui was founded in arguably China’s most beautiful city: Hangzhou. Besides its great culture and nature, Hangzhou’s region has a rich network in textile and garment manufacturing. A fair number of factories are located within a one-hour drive, making manufacturing and on-the-spot quality control easy to manage.

Hangzhou, once being China’s official capital, is seen as China’s artistic and cultural capital nowadays. Our city is acknowledged as one of UNESCO’s City of Crafts and Folk Arts since 2012. Also, Hangzhou’s West Lake Cultural Landscape was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as Cultural Property in 2011.

Combining all characteristics makes it quite tough to not get inspired – which is exactly what happened to us. After years of experience within the Chinese textile industry, we decided to make use our expertise. We started a new business driven by our own values: Dinghui. Today’s day we are successfully combining our Hangzhou roots with an innovative and international approach.

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